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Printing Suggestions for Typed Files

I recommend two-page-to-a-side and/or double-sided printing to save paper. If the typed print is too small, try something like Page Setup: Scale: 110% or 105%, unless print gets cut off (100% may be better for handwritten notes). Color printing is nice, but B&W printing is cheaper.

These are pdf files. You can get the free Adobe Reader at Get a version that is compatible with your system!

Old Class Notes

CORRECTIONS: In the handwritten notes, I should have written units such as points more frequently.

Many students benefit from printing the notes for a lecture beforehand, reviewing them, and commenting on them in class.

You may want to take personalized sketch notes in class.

Disclaimer: Some of these notes are not updated to the 4th edition of the book, but that will not pose a problem. The differences with the new edition are mostly in the homework sets.

Creative Commons License

For attribution, simply mention my name and/or web URL somewhere if you are using huge chunks of the notes. I simply want due credit.

Notes for Quiz 1: Chapters 1-4 (except 4-6)

These are experimental typed + handwritten notes. Later notes will be mostly handwritten.

Notes for Quiz 2: Section 4-6 and Chapter 5

Notes for Quiz 3: Chapter 6

Notes for Quiz 4: Chapter 7

Notes for the Final: Chapters 8-11

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