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Testing Strategies

• Test-taking Tips and Reducing Test Anxiety:

Test.html … Test.pdf (pdf file) … Study Snacks:

Tutoring Sites … Click here

Web Sites


• GeoGebra (2D and 3D graphing):

• Desmos:

• eMathHelp – Notes and Graphing, Derivative, and Integral Calculators: … … …

• Graphing Calculator:

• Graphing Calculator: (see the middle of the web page).

• Graphing Calculator: …


Do calculus, algebra, and graphing!

Graph functions - a ton of info!

• Free online book for Mesa/SDCCD students (“Precalculus Demystified”):

• Precalculus (key site): (More links at the bottom of this page)

• Math videos:

• Algebra review:


• YouTube Videos (Khan Academy): … also,


• Paul's Online Math Notes:

• WolframAlpha (input f(x)) :

• The pay “Pro” version allows you to try sample problems/exercises and see step-by-step solutions.

• Algebra/Trig/Precalculus review, Internet links, and Study skills tips! (key site)

• Math videos:

Sample exams for algebra and trig (see Mesa – Math CHALLENGE Exams)

                        Interactive trig!

Trig review with Java applets to play with

Look under "Trigonometry":

• Common Errors [and Problem Solving]: (by Eric Schechter)

• Math Errors and Notation Guide (by Sean Raleigh)

(for Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus)

Correction to p.18: x^3 / 14x should be rewritten x^3 / (14x).

• University of Akron tutorials (the baby of D.P. Story)


Trig: (by Dr. Thomas E. Price, Jr.)



• Larson textbook. I used to use the Larson Precalculus text; it is very clear. The notes from Chapter 2 on basically follow Larson’s order of topics. Old editions are sold at very cheap prices on and

• Schaum’s Outline of Precalculus. These paperbacks are much cheaper than textbooks, and they have many worked-out problems. See: and

• CalculusBooks.html (Precalculus and Calculus Books)

General Math Web Sites

• Math Videos on YouTube (Khan Academy): … also,


• Paul's Online Math Notes:

• WolframAlpha (input f(x))


(Frequently asked questions and extensions…)


(A wonderful collection of games, puzzles, interesting math, and other neat stuff!)


(Interesting topics in a variety of mathematical fields!)

• Common Errors [and Problem Solving]: (by Eric Schechter)

• Math errors and Notation guide (for Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus) on Sean Raleigh's Miramar website:

• MIT Notes:

• Wikipedia: (Online, user-driven encyclopedia; be careful when citing – accuracy is questionable!)

• Math Encyclopedia:




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