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Using Adobe PDF Files

If you need Acrobat Reader, you can get a free copy at Older systems may not be compatible with the newest version (check "System Requirements" under "Product Info" in the "Adobe Reader" page); you may need to download an earlier version.

The "right-click" mouse button can help you save pdf files on Windows systems. If memories are correct, select "Save Target" on Internet Explorer, or select "Save Link" on Netscape Navigator.

Printing Suggestions for Typed Files

I recommend two-page-to-a-side and/or double-sided printing to save paper. If the typed print is too small, try something like Page Setup: Scale: 110% or 105%, unless print gets cut off (100% may be better for handwritten notes). Color printing is nice, but B&W printing is cheaper.

Some printers have difficulty printing old exams when blank pages are involved. You may need to instruct your printer to skip over the blank pages.

Poor Internet Access? Want a DVD of Files?

If you don't have easy access to my online files (for example, if downloading them is problematic), there may be remedies: I could email you files, or I could burn a CD/DVD for you (it would help if you provided me with a CD/DVD and a case or a small CD/DVD wallet, though I also have spare CDs/DVDs of my own).

For extensive access to computers, printers, and software, check the library, especially on the 4th floor (LRC).

Some Files are Temporary!

Some of these files may be eventually deleted, so print or save anything you want to keep!

Warning: Burned DVD Lifespan

Burned CDs/DVDs may have a lifespan of as little as two years!! I've seen burned CDs crumble before my eyes. You may want to re-burn CDs/DVDs from time to time for archival purposes!



If you're not sure if you have a scientific (not graphing) calculator, check with me! Graphing calculators have large screens.

The TI-82, 83, 85, 86, 89, and 92 are graphing calculators; these are forbidden on exams!

See your syllabus for suggestions on good calculators.

Study Groups

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Students who want to form groups

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