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(The instructor bears no responsibility for these sites, beyond Testing Strategies.)

Testing Strategies

• Test-taking Tips and Reducing Test Anxiety:

Test.html … Test.pdf (pdf file) … Study Snacks:

Tutoring Sites

• … online tutoring

• … online tutoring

• … like Google for tutors

• For Mesa College only:

Tutoring at Mesa College (getting one / becoming one): Click here

Various subjects: Tutoring114SubjectList.pdf

Margin Essays

These are fascinating commentaries in the sides of the pages in your Triola textbook that deal with applications and the uses and abuses of statistics. These will enrich your experience in the course!


• The Chinese Bachelor Problem (This is very serious!):

• (The article on Benford's Law will appear after we do the "coin game.")

• Polling Sites and Articles on Polls

Click here

Books on Statistics, including Uses and Abuses and the Psychology of Decision Making

Click here

Web Sites (Statistics)

• Applets, Simulations, and Demonstrations

• Chance and Chance News:

(Analyses of current events and other interesting topics. An ongoing project at Dartmouth.)

• Cheryl Slayden's Power Point Slides/Notes:

(Very neat summaries of the textbook!)

• Larry Green's Applets and Notes:

(Green teaches at Lake Tahoe Community College.)

Web Sites (General Sites for Math / Statistics)

• Paul's Online Math Notes


(Extensive algebra review notes, Internet links, and study skills tips!)


(Frequently asked questions and extensions…)


(A wonderful collection of games, puzzles, interesting math, and other neat stuff!)


(Interesting topics in a variety of mathematical fields!)

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